Benoit MS 601 936 5293

Benoit MS 601 936 5293 601 936 5293 how do we use the heat of the sun to cool your house? using our Cool Metal Roofing System creates a dead air space that flows the hot air out of the attic while sucking cool air in at the eaves. Let me explain .. the sun bearing down on any asphalt roof can create attic temperatures above 250 degrees …creating a vortex of hot air that must be cooled for your air conditioning to work effectively. Take the same roof , blanket it with our bubble insulation, attached furring strips to the framing and install our metal roofing panels ..and BOOM…you have created a tunnel for the hot air to escape into the atmosphere , driven out by the cooler air sucked in at the eaves. And Your new Cool Metal Roof will last for years,, all the time you are pocketing your 30% AC savings into your IRA so you can retire wherever you wish !

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